Roman sword puzzles #OakIsland’s money pit; explanation it most likely came from someone’s ancient artifacts collection, time era perhaps from a couple thousand days [or hours] ago.

In my opinion; is that this or these ancient roman artifacts that were suspiciously found in this nova scotia oak island treasure mystery is obviously a dubious conjure or ploy to stir up attention to the money pit treasure hunt for some kind of financial gain for t.v ratings or for investors. But hey who knows maybe Jimmy Hoffa’s body evidence will be next to be  buried/found on oak island on a next non documentary but reality t.v show season of the curse of oak island.  smh


Oak Island True Story

BUT SERIOUSLY Any kind of sword image clue found on oak island would be this sword bludgeoned through a cloak or ship that was carved into stone and was found on oak island whom that I interpreted while diligently researching this mahone bay enigma in nova scotia.

Well I am going to go get some rest,

First Nations Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville


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  1. Oak Island Money Pit Treasure Hunters Plants Clues? | Keith Ranville First Nations Explorer Into The Gods

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