Rosslyn Mauthe Doog is Oak Island Dog

The rosslyn mauthe doog was considered a myth but I captured its image in stone from across the poind on oak island, nova scotia Canada.


this would be the legendary mauthe doog next to its master [in picture above] this dog it looks harmless but if you turn this dog sideways


[right side sideways above] it literally shape-shifts into a scary demon dog with deadly blood thirsty fangs and paw claws.  This rosslyn/Oak Island mauthe dog does not stray far from its master or it stays in its guarding dog area.. there should be a flat energy stone around the rosslyn chapel similar to the oak island flat skull stone, me and these two energy stones are meant for me to unravel this lost/intriguing hidden code ‘it leads to remarkable knowledge’.

First Nations Researcher

Keith Ranville


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