George Bush Family Has Native Blood in his Lineage

#OakIsland News; George W. Bush Family related to Geronimo, bonesman don’t want you to know – skull and bones have a secret that is bone deep?

A Native President American. What do the bones say’ living lie! Why would the remains of geronimo be taken by skull and bones-bonesmans’ why? but for them to only to hide the skull and bones evidence of a native american future presidential that’s link to the bush family? ( facial recondition evidence from skull /bones) George w. bush and his dad had war path like native qualities? ever wonder why?

An American Family Secret. Bush’s and the American Native Indian Connection Native Pride was as the commander and chief in the white house.

This is my Rendition of the Bush Family and maybe DNA testing will put this controversy of bush/geronimo to rest once in for all.

Keith Ranville



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