Oak Island Flash of Genius Lightning Theory

Is the purpose of the oak island money pit solved a First Nations man claims it was a beacon apparatus to talk to god  through the ark of the covenant via a lightning power source. 

teslatreasure theory

The theory goes; that a energy box or a ancient relic would be hoisted up a oak tree by a wooden block pulley over the money pit before a incoming electrical storm arrives then the lightning would strike the conducting oak tree and the power would go through the oak tree to power up a ancient relic power box then it’ll be sending a powerful charge

hurdling down the man made money pit and charging up the 100 ft + battery – the oak island tunnels is just that negative purpose –  then the treasure island grounds would become the beacon area to contact god. Its my knowledge is that a ark of the covenant like box is sealed in the peaceful birch island triangle neared to oak island. The match and striker would be best not placed in the same place.


“Beware the oak; it draws the stroke.”

Oak trees tend to be taller than the surrounding trees, thus attracting the lightning. They also have a high moisture content, which increases their ability to conduct the surge of electricity.

BTW coral castle had oak trees too could they be the lightning rod to solving the Mr. Ed leedskalnin mysterious abode code?

I behold the same integrity as Nikola Tesla this is why I don’t receive the proper credit that I deserve for my intelligent efforts.

Oak Island First Nation Researcher – 2016

Keith Ranville






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