Oak Island T.V Money Pity Deception

I have been investigating the oak island money pit treasure isle for over a decade now and I actually reinvigorated the treasure hunt into the media to now a t.v entertainment reality show circus.

Suspense drama leading up to  the next t.v show or next television series that’s how the history channel rolls they wouldn’t be on t.v if they don’t yank people’s chain some. And I would not be surprised if the curse of oak island t.v set up planted relics in or around the  oak island treasure isle for ratings [who knows maybe perhaps some objects that were bought on pawn stars but were never publicised on t.v  are oak island clues now?] all that I know is this oak island has been punk hoaxed online by anonymity characters many time for many years now.

Sell outs;

What I am saying the oak island treasure island is compromised in whole heartedly to finding the treasures related to the oak island treasure hunt – other than having characters from t.v land going from one deception to another who are paid in writing to rake in the tv ratings for the tv viewers.

Thank the gods that I have no cable anymore because I was getting tired of watching the hideous history channels commercials about the curse of oak island hell donald trump‘s u.s political run for presidency on cnn or fox news is more interesting than watching the oak island reality show shenanigans.

However this blog of mine or world famous treasure hunting site is the best of the better to treasure hunt other than watching a media run treasure hunt I don’t get hush money from the history channel to pretend how to puppet treasure hunt I say what I want like a real person, and like I said I’ve been investigating or offering research to the infamous oak island enigma and other unsolved mysteries for free for my efforts for over 10 years or since 2005.  You can’t beat free!

Leading Oak Island treasure hunter,

Keith Ranville







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