Is Wheat Toxic to First Nations Natives?

You may think so? that wheat products is bad for aboriginal native cultures to consume cause its a alien fuel for the body from the original diet food given from the land.

Many north Americans are beginning to blame that wheat gluten is the primary source cause to what ills them, gluten in wheat intolerances is perhaps the first red flag that wheat gluten is bad for your health to some extent.

Even Dr. oz is on the wheat gluten band wagon his tv show is where I became acquainted with cardiologist Dr. William Davis and where I have seen Dr. Davis on cbc “The war on Wheat” also. However many health practitioners are hesitant to suspect that you have a wheat gluten intolerant as a probably cause to any illness unless you have full blown celiac disease. This is why I call the gluten wheat illness controversy the silent nuisance scourge of the century. FDA

I myself have researched this gluten wheat hoopla and my personal investigation of this matter turned up that there is something to be aware of to this wheat controversy so much that I thought even maybe I myself should be on this diet. So I eliminated some wheat products from my diet like wheat breads wheat cereals this is as far as I went gluten wheat free, however wheat is hidden in sauces/salad dressing/ meat fillers/ can foods this gluten free diet is tough to do cause I like these sauce and dressings because they taste good so I did not quite eliminate them from my diet. But over all I found the elimination of something from my diet got quite expensive?

[Bulk of my Diet]

My new personal affordable semi gluten free diet trend costs; a loaf of gluten free bread costs me roughly $6+ and lasts me about a week so far from my semi gluten free diet, but hay.. so far I feel less hungry that I noticed.

And so for now also, I am just going to eliminate breads and cereals that contains wheat gluten and use alternative grains for carbs for now and for anything else that has some sort of wheat gluten in it like can foods, meat fillers, dressings/sauces I will just have to use these products lesser until a cheaper alternative comes along.

First Nation Researcher

Keith Ranville


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