Ancient Egyptian Queens Doomsday Prophecy

Evidence that our world is on the brinks of a horrible collapse our world is starting or is in the midst of a ending likewise to another past Egyptian civilization reign that was somewhat similar to our worlds state now. News

[Note: Washington D.C U.S.A adopted a ancient egypt oblesk style monument and has a pyramid on its currency o-O – Keith Ranville

Read the following #CNN inquote

“(It was) a crucial period when the Old Kingdom started to face major critical factors: The rise of democracy, the horrific impact of nepotism and the role played by interest groups,” he says, adding that climate change also played a role in bringing an end to not only the Old Kingdom empire, but those in the Middle East and Western Europe at that time.

Within 200 years of the Queen Mother’s death, the Nile no longer flooded and drought consumed the kingdom.

“(This) contributed to the disintegration of the era of the pyramid builders,” Barta explains. “Without reasonable floods, there were no reasonable harvests and therefore very bad taxes; without appropriate taxes there were no sufficient means to finance the state apparatus and maintain the ideology and integrity of the state.”

From newly discovered tomb of Khentkaus III, record of a queen in the era of the Old Kingdom (2649–2150 BC)

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