B.C Bus Pass Program Hike Nay Petition

NDP MLA Michelle Mungall re BC Liberal disability rate increase & bus pass clawback
Dear Friend of Social Justice,
The government gives with one hand and claws back with the other. That is the best way I can characterize the BC Budget for people with disabilities. Like many of you, I was thrilled when Minister of Finance said that there would be an increase to PWD during his budget speech on February 16. Just moments later in the speech it became clear that the large majority of the $77/month increase was going to be clawed back for a new $52/month bus pass program. People relying on Disability have told me they feel like this was a slap in the face. The left over $25/month keeps them in poverty and reliant on charity and food banks just to survive.
However, it wasn’t until I asked the Minister of Social Development about this shell game that we found out the full extent of the bus pass clawback. People receiving PWD will still have to pay the $45/year bus pass administration fee and pay another $52/month for their bus pass. That’s a massive increase! You deserve better.
Although the Minister and Christy Clark want to hide from this issue, using nice words like “choice” and “equity,” we need to send them a clear message. Groups have started petitions and letter writing campaigns. I encourage you to sign on to these and have included information below.
I will continue to speak out in the Legislature. This spring, I will introduce my bill for a poverty reduction plan again for the fourth time and drill down on the many issues in the ministry of social development during the Budget Estimates process. Together, we can not only reduce but end poverty. Let’s start by calling a spade a spade and say no to the bus pass claw back.
Kind Regards,
Michelle Mungall MLA Nelson-Creston BCNDP Opposition Spokesperson for Social Development
Inclusion BC’s petition, Raise the Rates Leave our Bus Pass alone: https://www.change.org/p/premier-christy-clark-raise-the-rates-leave-our-bus-pass-alone
When writing a letter to the Minister of Social Development and Christy Clark, cc’ the Opposition Spokesperson and we will follow-up with their response.
Minister Michelle Stillwell: SDSI.minister@gov.bc.ca MLA Michelle Mungall: Michelle.Mungall.MLA@leg.bc.ca Premier Christy Clark: premier@gov.bc.ca


Disability Benefits and Bus Pass Program Changes- MLA Michelle Mungall – February 18, 2016

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