Oak Island Treasure Knowledge Code


What is afraid to tell you about all oak island treasure hunters is the key to solving the oak island money pit is a haunting skullstone. #OakIsland News


Here’s what I know is that a well publicized photo that was issued in a book called oak island secrets which was authored by mark finnan is he a freeemason? perhaps! well he refers to freemasonary symbolism’s in his narrations in his book oak island secrets. Now in the book called “Oak Island Secrets” I referred, the photo [above] as in the book was a stone with plain dagger markings on it  lying plush to the ground as described in his book,

but however over night while I was in nova scotia 2005 doing a in-depth study on the oak island treasure mystery. Guess what that photo and its image illustrated in that book changed  over night even the grass that surrounded it shipshaped because I traced that stones dagger markings ect with a pencil the evening before and they did not align in the morning .I investigated the matter further and this oak island code became more relevant to me the intriguing bread crumbs began again.

There is something about that n.s treasure island and area that can alter time and dimensions only I can retrieve the money pit treasure.

First Nations Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter.

Keith Ranville



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