BCLDB Signature Liquor Stores Cold Zone My Idea!

B.C Government Liquor Distribution Stores are housing there establishments with cold zone fridges its my idea august 1st 2009 I sent #BCLDB a proposal #OakIsland News

I think I Keith Ranville deserves some sort of credit for b.c signature liquors stores having cold beer in there stores.

Well here’s my proposal letter I sent to bcldb about 7 years ago august 1st 2009 the letter proposal is in the following..


August 1, 2009


Greetings Senior Store Manager

My name is Mr. Keith Ranville I was in visit to your New Westminster Liquor store establishment saturday afternoon and I had a idea that may influence marketing in the “Green” sector campaign that’s in b.c liquor stores? This idea may be good for you (liquor stores).

Here is my innovating Idea; when I entered your establishment I notice the air-conditioning was on high, don’t get me wrong I was relieved from the outside hot weather. But the cost of running air-conditioning is quite expensive my “green” pitch is not to save on air-conditioning but to apply a second use application to it? Like running the air-conditioning through a beverage wall fridge then venting the wall fridge air throughout the liquor store as a cooling system. This idea is more practicably that would comfort the customer and increase beverage sales and still cool the environment in your liquor store branch(s).

Please forward my idea to who markets the B.C Liquor Stores, also please give me a response to this letter of a marketing idea regardless of any decision made in this potential inspiring procurement. (Note) this idea is not only directed to liquor stores.



Keith Ranville,

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