Another Cursing Oak Island TV Series Season?

To tell people the truth, I never watched a complete curse of oak island t.v show episode cause the island is read all wrong by the history channel’s reality show.

Here’s why I never watched the curse of oak island tv program fully before.. only because I always knew that they’ed never find anything on oak island, so what was the use of watching it? However, I may watch the curse of oak island one day in the future only for entertaining purposes, at best.

Oh, but, I do see all the sullenness posts, tweets, and whatnot in concerns to the curse of oak island which that’s directed to all that is involved in the oak island reality tv show. I do understand their backlash frustrations because before Marty, and Rick lagina, and the history channel came along to the treasure hunt there were others being crucified online in the name of neurotics for being the focus of the oak island treasure hunt, and we don’t need to name, names on who they are, and who were all involved [sarcasm] 😉

But, what is at loss is here that there are still chapter pages missing from the treasure hunt that you won’t find on the curse of oak island or the history channel, and they’ll  probably never ever have the opportunity to air oak island’s finer secrets.

Your friendly neighborhood Treasure Hunter,

Keith Ranville.



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