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Over the years I have been on a research expedition to do with many subjects my research is mostly to do with various unsolved mysteries, and also I have given my unique perspective on news of today “nostalgia like” cause I believe people chronologically remember infamous headline news events to like to top world news events of today.   [Blogging Est. Since 2005]

My research originally began in exploring the infamous oak island money pit mystery and from there it extended to other unsolved mystery attractions.  Birch island is the ultimate answer to oak island; the birch island triangle [in youtube video above] it was discovered through a lengthy comprehensive study of the oak island mystery by myself.

Native Indian people have just as much right to be a treasure hunter as anybody else and not made out to be what ignorant people think they should be.. Native trail blazer – Treasure Hunter / Researcher, Keith Ranville.     [Above] Youtube Video a must see its from the C-SPAN Video Library – Mr. Means harshly criticizes the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian leadership of reservations. Russell Means died October 22 at the age of 72, 2012. First Nations News

First Nations, Canada

Keith Ranville


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