During this maya end of time solar calendar days will we just experience a fatima sun experience? afterall the mayans were sun worshipers

With whats happening with the sun lately you would think this will happen during the last or ladder maya calendar days, however after the miracle of the sun back on october 13, 1917 there was somewhat prophetic tragedy’s that happened like wars, disease deaths.. messages from the sun would be something that I would be guessing to be happening around the day of the end of the maya solar calendar cycle days and maybe there will be tying times thereafter.

And another thing nasa sent out satellites to record the sun in stereo 2006 why was this?  they are trying to capture the king kong evidence that there looking for that may appear out of the sun sooner or later on?

I know in my heart and soul that the sun is more that a energy of gases its a entity as well I have experienced a anomaly coming out of the sun before. Visions should be on the menu in this times of the sun roosts


First Nations Researcher,

Keith Ranville