Earthquakes, solar storms, famines stock markets crash are we seeing the final days? Pompeii may have sensed a volcano doom warning but political posturing may have secured peoples minds of nothing to worry about, until a final to late crisis end warning was issued?

Is it every man woman for themselves in times of a catastrophic crisis? The sitting ducks syndrome best describes what our civilization is ready for in times of crisis’s, we’re like the deer looking into the car head lights on a dark highway an not knowing that we are about to be road kill. If these latest world crisis events that we are experiencing now get more troubling we have a choice we do not have to be the deer looking into the car head lights or even sitting ducks we can take our own common sense into our own hands and not stay hypnotic to what our governments says whats good for us? like what perhaps happened in pompeii? Civilizations history does not have to repeat itself in ignorant scenario?

Native Researcher,

Keith Ranville