Emmy award winning journalist amber lyon discloses cnn war propaganda corruption for profit cbc is in the same business my oak island research exposed cbc as censorship for dollars years ago and not to mention my middle east part time reporting has uncovered some cnn war propaganda nonsense to so this news about cnn being a corrupt news source is nothing new to me and for other internet readers that have been following my blog for years.

I myself came up with the slogan CNN the most untrusted name in the news back during the Egypt uprising and the gadaffi over throw regime cnn war thing? this was all cnn news propaganda war instigating and I believe what amber lyon was saying that major news media moguls like cnn hln news is playing with fire with them fabricating the news to win a war in the minds of the american people the cnn news next u.s war scare is iran and them have nuclear weapons $ [war is money]

Youtube News Alex Jones Interviews – Amber Lyon and she looks to become a folk hero among the INTERNET bloggers like myself, well this is the place[s] like my blog and others internet independent news sources this is where that you are going to find deceptions in the news big media corporations and also what I would like to add to this ccn news pay off scheme scandal that it is no secret that cnn and hln have the pharmaceutical companies pulling there stings to this is is another conspiracy.

I know there is more that I would like to add to this corrupt cnn news story but there is just not enough hours in the day to pile on this cnn three ring sideshow news circus company.

The Truth Is Somewhere Out There outside of the realm of CNN.

Reporter/ Researcher,

Keith Ranville