America Unearthed Hunt for the Holy Gay Hole

Scott Wolter blindly get a awkward oak island money pit lesson in deception in treasure hunting from a holy grail wishing well fantasy, hobson island, oak island wtf den new ross, film well wasted .

These film makers t.v producers that dole out good money they can’t put a proper oak island money pit documentary together, cbc now scott wolter failed embarrassing in delivering a memorable captivating updated film on this intriguing oak island money pit treasure hunt.

Movie t.v documentary producers that have portrayed the oak island in the past they should be fired with there own balls of crap ‘ what they never heard of the internet’ on updated material in relation to the oak island enigma?

And we see scott wolter a geologist weighing on the oak island treasure hunt who he said that he was once on oak island? or so he says in his b.s oak island film but he never heard of the birch island triangle and he does not even acknowledge the mysterious triangle insignia island himself? everyone that knows of the oak island mystery knows of the birch island triangle by now the two island are synonymous to each other they been in research or in thought together by many for almost a decade now.

in the the oak island unearth documentary scott wolter calls up some dude that doesn’t even know that he is relate prince henry sinclair to spice up his I believe to be a nova scotia oak island mystery docudrama – comedy or whatever he cooked up as a funky film.

Well I was under the impression that there was a ship under hobson island in a email to me, but as now that after i seen the corny documentary of hobson island and somehow it relates to new ross & the knights templars and the sinclair family through the position of beach rocks I just shook my head and said to myself wtf who hires people like this.

I am sinclair, prince henry sinclair was fluent with the first nations Mi’kmaq people in nova scotia and now you see hundreds of years later that a first nations man that is sinclair also to is playing a remarkable role in a treasure hunt that may or may not be apart of the St. Clair Family fortune hence to the secret to ourselves.

Know this the birch island triangle marking means GOD in the Mi’kmaq glyphs

I am actually having fun being ignored by ignorant people.. i am sure so or are my treasure hunting blog readers are having fun to.

best to you,

Sinclair / Ranville / First Nations

Keith Ranville