Ancient Aliens Inaccuracies Controversies Exaggeration

History Channel Ancient Aliens put ratings before accuracies I believe in the ufo phenomena however unlike ancient astronauts theorists I code break in-unique interpretations its something that the ancient aliens t.v program fails to offer to its viewers, I myself rely on programs – documentaries like ancient aliens and the debunking nerdy sciences documentary in the youtube video as visual reference research points and not as to much as about there accuracy because in my logical or clever thinkings I figure that archeology and ancient astronauts theorist have unexplained controversy to them they can beat themselves up or debunk all they want on there nit picking.

I use dreams or mystic visual perceptions as a resource to achieve insight to help me figure out puzzling unsolved lost explanations, like a point man. I believe this is how many ancient cultures handed down knowledge or how people of the past hoarded secret knowledge, you see this hoarder of knowledge in much of our societies especially in America they have there secrets depicted in there currency and monuments. Why? because this is how things has be done for civilizations.

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