American Racy anti-Muslim movie sends middle east on a war path president barack obama has not yet apologized to native americans for using chief Geronimo’s name to murder in operation Geronimo.

Its o.k to poke fun at the north american native culture by other americans and canadians too I DON’T THINK SO, but like I was saying in a previous post when a burger joint in toronto, canada was using a insulting slogan name on there menu that was aimed at native Indians [here’s a excerpt from my previous post said] ” Its disheartening to know in how if this racy insult was aimed at any other new canadian culture there would of being  prompted policing action taken to this bigot racists act that was taken onto the aboriginal people of canada.”

Sure enough in a bogus cheesy film someone poked fun at Islam and muslim cultures in america and it caused a international violent incident in the middle east that sadly got some american embassy diplomats killed.

Is it all Karma, or just nothing more than a saying ‘what comes around goes around’ going on in the middle east with all this ANTI-AMERICAN RHETORIC AND VIOLENCE going on, all that I know is that the u.s and canadian governments should straighten out there act on stopping offensive racism and culture bashing starting with the north american native culture cause in my opinion not enough is done about it.   {its all fun and games until someone loses aN eye, or life[s]}

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