Templo Mayor, Mexico City archaeological site digs up 50 skulls, tree trunk sundial I interpreted the tree trunk in a stone circle planter base as a sundial BTW. – Discovery News

“A recently discovered circular structure, below, made of red volcanic rock with a tree trunk in its center sits exposed at the archaeological site Templo Mayor in Mexico City, Friday, Oct. 5, 2012. Mexican archaeologists say they have uncovered the largest number of skulls ever found in one offering at the most sacred temple of the Aztec empire dating back more than 500 years, along with this circular structure which they believe may have been a sacred tree. (AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini)”

” which looks like a battered oak trunk emerging from a well and which experts say was brought from a mountain region for a ritual. ??? “
I believe other this old aztec oak tree trunk was used for a more practical reason than for ritual, however it could of told the time when a ritual would take place.. perhaps.

If you look at the suns shadow in the upper right of photo above it aligns with the tree trunks sundials carved in marking.

Youtube tree time lapse apple tree sundial.

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Keith Ranville