Business man doles out 1/2 a million dollars to prove that sasquatch exists in return he got bigfoot video footage, foot prints, the usual vague evidence but  no body of the illusive creature thats known as bigfoot?

Youtube Cryptozoology video evidence.

Until bigfoot is carried or captured out of the forest or mountains then there will always be very doubtful minds out there not believing that there is a king kong of the bush?

My thoughts on bigfoot is that the legendary sasquatch is a spiritual being that has one bigfoot in two worlds

like a ghost some people claim to actually get a scent smell from ghosts and also ghosts is known to give eerie sensations to the open mind and in many cases paranormal investigators sometimes witness paranormal physical activities an perhaps they get it on film or photos to from these ghostly spirits from the mysterious world.

Have a safe Halloween Folks,


Keith Ranville