In the dark of night a lone gunman James E. Holmes rises out of nowhere & open fires at the Aurora, Colorado cinema at the batman premier the dark knight rises, he left 12-14 dead 58 injured.

The ratings from this refresher movie of the dark knight rises will be the biggest block buster to ever be advertised with bloody publicity.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Kills in box office bringing in 30.6 Million first evening alone

Killer Mass Murderer of movie theater James E. Holmes he apparently has his home [Batcave] that is booby trapped, I believe Americas gun laws are t0 relaxed the need to be tighten up.

In fact many weapons that kills Canadians in the Canadian streets are smuggled in from the united states.

My condolence go to the peoples families that was affected from this nasty senseless act of  violence

– Keith Ranville