Google responsible for instigating on-line bullying you betcha google’s relentless revenger meter may lay off on instigations until after amanda todd’s death blows over it’ll be back to cause havoc online in no time soon for many bully victims.    

Google.com creates online bullying through instigations

I been bullied online as a result of googles online wage war fight club internet web war maker this is how google.com search engines is designed its made to cause emotional grief on-line, sadly google.com brings on physiologic mental sorrow to the point death or suicide from there sinister ugly internet mischievous ways.

Read my online blog, google.com has harassed me for years and instigated angers upon me from other miscellaneous social networks / chat line forums ect.. to for them to hideously to gain publicity to for there brand name google.com

Let not let this hurtful online bullying to ever be forgotten

A bullied on survivor

Keith Ranville