De monopolize the canadian cable playing field it will lower costs & give better popular channel bundle packages to cable subscribers CRTC Oct.24. should put this idea on the table when a scheduled meeting is to take place on this cable company issue concerning users to pick and chose cable-vision channels. The stephen harper conservative government knows nothing about cablevision companies they only know how to help to deceptively monopolize  cable companies like shaw cable. Pick and choosing channels will only drive up cable costs and my idea of adding more cable companies competition will make more cable competition therefore, cable internet subscribers will get better affordable rates and more better attractive cable package bundles to subscribe to.  🙂       

Youtube Cable Guy Scene

Shaw cable monopolizes the cable and Internet business in vancouver so they make there own cable and internet rate costs and I believe they manipulate there cable channels bundle packages that they give to there subscribers cause they know what are the popular cable channels so that you have to pay more money on a take it of leave it rule of there’s only because of that they are the major stymie cable vision big wig suppliers in town. There are smaller cable companies in town like novus that have reasonable rates but they are only able to wire cable vision internet to certain buildings or areas in the downtown vancouver area. 

I cleverly watch t.v regularly so I know the deal of deception and getting gouged by the cable company or shaw cable I’d go elsewhere if there was a elsewhere to get cable, internet lit up.

Keith Ranville