Canada Ex- Defence Minister Alien UFO Conspiracy Report

Paul Hellyer former Canadian Minister of National Defense explains ufo aliens are among us I’ve known this for years they been here for a many of civilizations they’re highly evolved telepathy is there form of communication and they are on a agenda this to dominate us by infiltrating us through government systems there plan is to make a one world universal country on our planet earth.

Is this a good thing? with the u.s having a new world order well look whats happening now with america they got caught already spying on Americans 29-Year Old Edward Snowden  was the whistle-blower on this u.s big-brother conspiracy. This is only the tip of the iceberg, folks. I believe many past civilizations rebelled against past kings, queens or leaders of civilizations because of technology that is un-natural to human beings or animals in our animal kingdom it drove people to a certain anxiety. This is why many ancient peoples reverted to moving into elaborate underground living quarters people in the ancient past they were hiding from aliens or ufo technologies humming noises ect like from emf harrp    waves and them aliens cronies or there human yes men that were called ancient priests or secret societies the deal makers with the alien demons themselves.

Yes we are not alone in this universe, this is perhaps why all past civilizations sustained from technology because it was deemed as evil to humans and or a danger to mankind and I believed they were right like as we are seeing now with this given to us alien technologies like this latest u.s privacy spying conspiracy done on to telecommunications it is just the tip of the iceberg for terrible things to happen from it.

The U.S Feds are running out of gas on containing the secrets concerning extraterrestrials,  like in the good fellas video [above] this is my rendition of the alien ufo conspiracy that many governments are covering up, forgive them creator for they do not know what they do or who they are playing with, our governments and corporations that poison our planet through manufacture industries are like kids been fed matches but there given by a an extraterrestrial race[s] to us, I believe there will be a time that many many humans will go underground and or off the grid, if you will – history from past ancient civilizations will repeat itself  with these alien beings. The Advanced Alien Terrestrial race[s] I busted there code in the spirit-world, and they very well know it.

Have you noticed that there is a sense of emotional calmness right after a power black out happens then shock and anger sets in when our luxuries are gone? the calm before the storm will happen with technology – Messenger from the Sun God

Shaman, Cree Code Breaker

Keith Ranville