Canadian Lottery Corporation Tickets Hikes to $5 a Poor to Rich Man’s Game

Canada lottery corporation lotto tickets went from $1.00 to $3.00 to now $5.00 in a short time is this a casino gambling move made by..

LOTTO Max, 649 is $3 but I am sure that cost will increase to in time due to taxes and inflation? I just think $5.00 is a little excessive to pay for such a long shot to win a lottery jackpot cause you can buy something decent to eat for $5.00 still these days. – Oak Island News

5 lotto

I just remember when it took a buck to win the dream to “live long and prosper” from the lottery. I myself only play the lottery once or twice a month now that’s if I am lucky.

But Good luck to who is fortunate to play the lottery weekly like I did in the good ol’ days.. not to long ago.


Keith Ranville