When I sleep I can look down on earth this is perhaps what the ancient Peru people were seeing in regards of there nasca lines & land picto’s they weren’t meant for aliens, I myself dream of land mass animals picto’s before I discovered them buffalo,seahorse and even geometric patterns I saw them from the sky in my dreams its a rare gift that I have 🙂

Erinnerungen an die Zukunft: Ungelöste Rätsel der Vergangenheit – Erich Von Daniken author of chariots of the gods I think was wrong in him believing the peru nasca lines were meant for aliens to see? The ancient Peruvians were I believe were in rituals and were able to see from the sky through spiritual ritual trances or dreams like I am am somewhat able to do? As I described above in detail above.

The ancient Peruvians were communicating with the spirits in a metaphysical out of body ritual trance or sleep and wrote or drew what was on there mind dreams in the peru desert? as for me the gods or supreme being [sun god] communicated to me back in land mass designs? Astro cosmic travelers as they were the Peruvians as so have i proven as well.

I am in the amazing Business.

– Keith Ranville