1492 October 12th Columbus day of invasion & the demise of indigenous native indian people, Roslyn chapel was here first its mason art explains this in-detail. News Blog

Roslyn chapel details portraits of meso mayan ruins in its sinclair or St Clair family chapel that was founded In 1446 by Sir William St Clair, 3rd Prince of Orkney, and america wasn’t really discovered in 1492 as history books insists logical first nations native research explains Christopher Columbus did not discoverer america but it was the scotland st. clair family that did.

do the math; rosslyn church was made in 1446 and it displays south american mayan tikal ruins in it this indicates the st clair family had a expedition to the americas to but decades before america was discovered in 1492 October 12th by Christopher Columbus.

Or we can go back even further when the vikings discovered Canada or America in between 1000 and 1001’s? 

History books are set in there ways even know the truth to them are construed to tell you a real truth cause of some kind of academic bizarre pride.

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