First Nations humor is ahaha no laughing matter but darryl nepinak‘s independent filming may make you think else-wise?   

Good morning native america

I came across mr. darryl nepinak‘s mini film productions on the facebook at first I said whats going on here then as I gotten more into watching darryl’s film I then began to appreciate it in a more artistic form and the corny humor was definitely also in the film. its the kind of funny stuff  that I like to watch.

Indian Spelling bee

In a brief online chat with darryl nepinak he told me that he was taking a 2 week vacation from the internet to write a script for his next scheduled film production.

The Lone Ranger tonto’s

Like many other creative artistic people I to am attracted to independent films,  and hey maybe with a bigger budget then maybe we could see good full length  feature film or cable t.v presentations in the future  from mr. darryl nepinak of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.


Keith Ranville