Dead Zone Oceans Apple Rotting Theory

Global warming blamed on oceans dead zone I believe this is a natural renewing process like how a apple rots our world is trying to rid itself of elements that’s poisoning its eco-system.

Apple surface rotting on various places but it still attached to its tree of life. Likewise to earths waters dead zones.

After all if you would drain all the waters from earths oceans you would get a un-sphere planet that looks like a apples core rather than a blue marble.

Everything in nature has a balance to it this is the fundamentals to how we are suppose to live on this planet, our oceans waters, lakes and land its not a mystery its a miracle of a place to live in its the creators garden of eden and we are getting kicked out of it like how my oceans apple theory goes. Our way of living is not in the realm of nature we’re crapping where we eat.. plain and simple.


Keith Ranville