Defamation of Keith Ranville on

Dear Google,

The defamatory website forum above or in links given is untrue and defaming to me – Keith Ranville in-which that is on your search engine “I have not scammed nobody” that this website allegedly believes so that I’ve done on this thunting forum thread, it reads; “Attention: Beware of Oak Island First Nation Scammer Keith Ranville” the defaming thread it goes on to say that I was convicted in a crime in connection to the oak island money pit treasure hunt in the last two post on this false forum, thread goes like this:

Has Keith Ranville been charged, and convicted with scams involved with oak Island??

yes he has next question;wap2=


What is most disturbing is that the website Administrator or owner of he posted the falsed or grossly misleading post thread?

Thank you for any assistance Google,

Warm Regards

Keith Ranville


Google Fined $208,000 In Australian Defamation Case