FDA, PHARMA should be thrown in jail for murder,Antineoplaston Therapy phenomenal cancer cure hindered by~pharmaceutical~companies & FDA, U.S Patent Agency. Dr. Burzynsky News Media full video version.

The most aggressive death sentence cancers is treatable by using a none toxic therapy, this medical information is vital news for anyone that is diagnosed with cancer pass this information to anyone or love ones that has the cancer illness, its curable.   Sadly the FDA has wasted tax payers millions of dollars on stopping the Antineoplaston therapy to be available to millions of people that is inflicted with incurable cancers, FDA pharma offers barbaric chemo/radiation therapies because this is how the FDA and pharma hideous characters behaves so far millions of people that have had cancer already died needlessly in swap to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and government agencies with monies from selling toxic low survival rate cancer cures. It pains me to hear that billions of dollars that are donated to the cure of cancer is given to these phamacuticle companies that have no intentions in finding the cure to cancer in the first place? How ever as far as I am concerned I can boldly say we already won the battle on cancer with dr. burziski’s antineoplaston therapy treatments.

What is this new amazing anticancer – anti-tumor drug about?

Antineoplaston therapy is a complementary/alternative cancer treatment that involves using a group of synthetic chemicals called antineoplastons intended to protect the body from disease. Antineoplastons are made up mostly of peptides and amino acids originally taken from human blood and urine. [Most reliable cancer treatment available Information]

Is the Dr. Burzinski Antineoplaston treatment available in CANADA? texas is where I heard its available in clinic trials cause FDA sanctions it this way? however I have links that may help you – Life Extension MUMs not having chemo 


Recently, the Canadian Cancer Society has received inquiries about antineoplastons and their potential as a cure for some cancers, as well as questions about the research of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski.

Before making a decision about using a therapy, the Society encourages patients to find out all they can about the treatment and its possible effects and to discuss its use with a doctor or healthcare professional.


Keith Ranville