Edward Snowden Sticks it to the Man

Edward Snowden seeked asylum from the u.s in hong kong then moscow, russia now? cuba or south america perhaps next, u.s spying on americans controversy not the focus of the news media ? why, well probably the news media like cnn, hln is controlled by the american government and corporations

so they get caught [American NSA] illegally surveillance spying on peoples personal lives then the u.s government witch hunts edward snowden as the patsy or the whistle blower, somethings wrong here the bad guys who done wrong like hideously spying on there fellow americans and whoever else they are crucifying the whistle blower and the american government is responsible for these many bad snooping deeds. I remember when Russians would defect from Russia. are Americans now defecting from America for asylum like edward #snowden is doing right now he is on a defection scramble from country to country seeking political asylum, he is now running from what he believes and many other people also do to believe was the right thing to do like was to be honest.

Here is my rendition version of the american spying government and this Mr. Edward Snowden whistle-blowing scandal  [ sent of the woman staring al pachino ]

Edward Snowden a man of Integrity and Principles  a he’s a Genuine American Hero


Keith Ranville