Travis walton tells the real story behind the hollywood version of the movie fire in the sky in believable detail better than the actual movies abduction portrayal does of_travis walton. [News Blog]

Youtube video footage gives full accounts to alien abduction of travis walton I seen the movie fire in the sky but after viewing travis waltons interview I am better informed of his ufo alien abduction incident. I seen the movie fire in the sky an I felt it was exaggerated to make it more movie appealing for theater movie goers myself.

Whether travis walton is telling the truth or not to his personal story that went to a movie blockbuster called fire in the sky – about his ufo alien abduction story its his real story account is what intrigues me far more than the Hollywood movie did by a mile.

I believe in the ufo alien going on’s to our world and I am convinced they [aliens] do exist and are telepathic also cause they are more evolved than us by eons. Only time will tell.


-Keith Ranville