pilot, stewardess erratic behavior on jetblue  flights in and out of new york vortex phenomenon to blame? mysterious n.y hudson megalithic structures,

or like thompson parks vortex places like these leyline kinda places an others unexplained area’s it may have played a role in sending these professional jetblue aircraft crew into a bizarre mental whirl wind frenzy they may have experienced something that defied logic and then went stress-fully confused? Up to about a hundred years ago to see people flying in the air would of been thought to of been unnatural to know, what I am saying what more do we don’t know about physics that is yet to be discovered an this odd commercial airplane behavior phenomena that is happening on flights more regularly these days it maybe related to advance technology that is meshing with some earthly natural phenomena’s?

Putting some people behind bars because of a stressful event that may have been caused by some unexplained secret government technology or unnatural phenomena is just plain ludicrous.


keith ranville