New York city of milk and honey or is that just a load of garbage – Freegans a trend on the down low or is it just some hard times going on in the U.S

If there’s anyone that would survive a dire economical depression it would be people like freegans. In canada we got donated food from the food banks to help feed people in need of food.

Global News food has food bank drivetoday food donations are welcome –

7850 Enterprise Street, Burnaby

“Global BC will be holding its first ever Food Bank Drive-Thru Drop Off on Tuesday, May 8, and everyone is invited to come down, make a donation, meet the on-air personalities and make a donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

Global BC will be converting their parking lot into a drive-thru donation centre, so you can drive in, donate and be on your way, or stay a while! Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society staff and volunteers will be on site the along with Global’s on-air personalities to greet you and take donations, while White Spot will be on hand to provide snacks in exchange for donations. Come by and say hello – hope to see you there!


Keith Ranville