Have a good friday folks and know the earlier alternate original real religious history to the meaning to good friday; a egyptian ancient myth.. horus was sent to hell and resurrected in 3 days however since 3,000 b.c years later Jesus coincidentally was sent to hell and came back “three days” later too?

My late mother was a religious catholic woman, an I myself was to brought up being catholic and I was even baptized catholic to. But after researching the ancient world for sometime I am left somewhat confused about religion or maybe I am more educated about where my belief religion originated from, it was taken from ancient egyptian mythology?

Two men say they’re jesus one of them must be wrong –  dire straits lyrics

But what I do believe now, is that the sun plays a role in giving life to people on earth this is perhaps why many ancient cultures worshiped the sun and maybe they ritualistically prayed, sacrificed to the sun for some unforeseen reasons too.  [All that I know is that I have personally experienced a paranormal phenomenal event that came out of the sun myself]

– Keith Ranville