Hollywood North Vancouver

Vancouver B.C filming industry is losing business then build a big Hollywood North tourist attraction sign & then they will come, the b.c provincial government wants to add a tax break incentives for american film production companies to help drum up business for the ailing local b.c film industry a tax break that alone is only a temporary band-aid more is need to sustain filming business in vancouver or b.c like a hollywood north attraction sign that I proposed and or even to a hollywood north walk of fame star sidewalk to. CONCEPT NEWS CANADA

Vancouver Hollywood North

Who goes to movies well its people btw, so therefore build a attractive visual location stating to where the hollywood north films are coming from for people to visually see in a landmark concept idea so tourists or visitors alike can take in the hollywood north experience to there memory to take back home when there in vancouver or british columbia, this is a logical business proposal that will attract businesses world-wide.

Like, I said “built it and then they will come”

– Keith Ranville