The homelessness being fined for sleeping in the streets of Vancouver B.C? this is ridiculous like anyone is going to pay up a $25 bylaw ticket for being down & out ?

Plaintiff Clarence Taylor, 57 talks to the media in Vancouver, British Columbia

Expo 86 and the 2010 winter Olympics the city of vancouver did there best to obscure the homeless crisis from the world media for P.R purposes. I live in downtown vancouver and I see homeless people everyday when I go out and I don’t think giving them a monetary fine is the answer and fyi money is something that the homeless poor don’t have cause they are in a destitute situation for whatever reasons.

I also don’t think there is a adequate answer to give for how to solve the homeless problem in vancouver other than offering better social programs maybe to people that need it or better yet want it, because being homeless and down and out is just as old as the oldest profession like prostitution, it wont go away its just something that societies have been putting up with for many moon.

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– Keith Ranville