The now billion dollar photo-sharing app Instagram folks are now deleting there posts so Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook scheme don’t get there hands on there personal pictures. News

When did facebook become so uncool? CNN NEWS – Mark Zuckerberg is perhaps in a position to do as he pleases with his facebook users privacy’s LOL but what is so amazing is that facebook users are so caught up in the facebook hypnotic addictive vortex that they are pretty much blind to the facebook intentions of facebooks scheme to later sell there’s soul or to be less drastic maybe as much as facebook selling there personal information’s to advertisers?

Now we got instagram that is now recently been monopolized by a one Mark Zuckerberg an investors of the facebook instagram it was purchased for a cool billion dollars, what next? I did not know what instagram was until the other day btw

Maybe we can call mark zuckerburg’s new $1,ooo,ooo,000 facebook app take over a money instagrab! 😉


Keith Ranville