The furthest that I have traveled in my life was Canada wide from vancouver b.c to nova scotia, for me the travel was more of a journey into mystic mystery than a leisured trek how I got to the maritimes I traveled from town to town until I got to my finale destination nova scotia, and when I got there I spent a year there researching and gathering as much information about the province [Mahone Bay] of nova scotia as I could to for me to bring home for further analysis.

Its been roughly eight years since I been to nova scotia and now I would like to continue my investigative journey to other places so that I can gain other vital information for me to use to help me to complete my initial research investigation.

Why I haven’t completed my research? the reason why its primarily due to having insufficient funds to get to places a far, and secondly I would like to document this second research journey of mine on film for all to enjoy and this all takes financial capital to do so.

The plan in my mind is to travel to; machu picchu, tikal and to some other obscure maya peruvian places in south america. And also I would like to go to some other places that is of importance to my research study like; rosslyn chapel, stonehenge, coral castle, giza pyramids, and back to mahone bay nova scotia for a recap then home to vancouver b.c to later analyze all that I have documented from my research journey II, and then possibly put a documentary together from it to be documented in full. And I don’t know how much that I asked for in funds is enough to pay for this project of mine, but if I shop around for a producer with what I asked for in funds here on GoFundMe I am sure that I can get further financial capital from a documentary producer cause this is what a producer does they produce?

Let’s do this…


Keith Ranville