Jim Penniston UFO Symbols Prism Formula Codex

Sgt. Jim Penniston’s December 26, 1980 mysterious UFO symbols is a prism formula; craft capable to bend light hence travel within it.  ALIEN NEWS
“John Burroughs and Sergeant Adrian Bustinza – who describes how the glowing light rested on a pillar of yellowish mist and split in the middle like a rainbow produced by a prism. Halt and his team had spotted the craft by now and said he initially considered mirages or weather-induced temperature inversions. Now the area of light resembled a huge eye with a dark centre. The group of men followed the light through the woods, crossing a farmer’s field and stumbling through a small brook.”
Binary Code? But –
I believe what is on this ufo craft in symbolic writings that was given by memory by sergeant jim penniston is describing in a advance mathematical sense in what this vehicle can do very much similar to what we put on our company automobiles today.

Youtube live on tape of ufo incident voice of Jim Penniston
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