Internet spews racist anonymity comments, like joel ward I to was a victim of this ignorant nonsense as a native treasure hunter twtter, forums are-the-culprits involved in this kind of cowardly disgraceful acts.

Is it hurtful to be called a racist word heck yeah, but to be called it over and over when you click on the internet thats even worse, I had never watched the washington capitals and the boston bruins game cause I am neither a fan of both teams but to hear the aftermath of the game on the internet just made me sick to my gut and it dredged old  feelings of me getting personal attacked on the internet over me being a native treasure hunter.

All that I can say to washington capitals joel ward at this time get out there on the ice and play like a NHL pro  and make your team and family and friends & fans proud of you win or lose cause if you can get past this dumb ignorant racist situation you are a winner in my books.


A Proud Native Treasure Hunter / Researcher

Keith Ranville