Kothala Himbutu Tea Where can I Buy it in Vancouver B.C

I am on a research journey to locate kothala himbutu (salacia reticulata) tea in Vancouver B.C online articles about it fails to add where it can be purchased? its a ancient Ayurvedic Sri Lanka and India remedy its a herbal therapy thats used to treat type 2 diabetes and maybe to lower high blood pressure as well.

Sri Lankan shrub takes root in diabetes treatment

Ancient remedy offers hope for diabetics – Vancouver Sun News

Its a shame that the msp plan don’t pay for herbal remedies? thats western medicine for you.

If you have any information in where to purchase kothala himbutu (salacia reticulata) tea at a health food store or a India Ayurvedic medicine shop other than to buy it online in Vancouver B.C please post it here or email me keith_ranville@hotmail.com an I will post the information on my blog, below.

Thanks in Advance


Keith Ranville