Lost on Oak Island

Oak Island money pit mystery; retooled as the curse of oak island sponsored by the history channel who forged a 220 year-old treasure hunt into a Gilligans island masterpiece .

Rick and his little buddy brother Marty Lagina can’t seem to get there minds off oak island and surprisingly there guest that they provide on there history channel sequels regarding there treasure hunt fantasy they seem to be characters from the bottom of the barrel of the oak island treasure hunts kooks. 

The history channel does dole out money in a sweepstakes prizes manner like in a scene from ‘lost on gilligan’s island in the youtube video above

hmm.. maybe this history channel money giveaway is like a deception to take there t.v viewers minds off the fact that there was nothing found treasure wise on oak island after every season filmed about the isle but un-clever jibber jab and nice tries but no cigars.

The real curse of oak island is when characters that take on the filming or documentation of oak island and fail to mention this first nations birch island triangle discovery they tend lose all credibility to themselves. Otherwise they insult intelligent peoples minds.

Oak Island Leading Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville