If news camera’s are allowed in canadian courtrooms then O.J simpson, michael jackson, casey anthony unfair carnival trials

will happen in the canadian justice system?

Premier christy clark is perhaps the light headed sarah palin of canada she wants cameras in b.c courtrooms cause of the 2011 vancouver stanley cup riots for media news monetary reasons politicians only see money to line their pockets from big corporations to this idea of having cameras in courtrooms.  What is going on media giants are lobbying politicians and government officials to allow cameras in canadian courtrooms so money can be made like how its done in the u.s its financially lucrative to exploit people’s personal lives [big brother issue] .

Canadian law courts going hollywood like judge dredd – I am the law [Youtube]

Canada does not need cameras in the courtrooms like america does have, its not justice in my opinion its just not right it will construe the legal system to the point of un justice for all. Note; if sociologists think this is a good idea of having cameras in courtrooms to learn how the justice system works maybe they should try to tell there patients to pick up a book or take a trip to the public library once in a while its free to do, I go there myself to figure out stuff kinda new to me ‘that’s how I role’?

Keith Ranville,