All calm on the western front so far, 9/11 memorial nyc no mention of building 7? news construing media again cnn hln b.sing vital information pertaining-to-9/11.    

9/11 Building 7 conspiracy apart of the American wtc terror attack cover up, make no mistake these 9/11 terrorist plot attacks on america were government home grown generated “America attacked themselves” American government officials there lairs and even worse about the u.s government there bizarre liars cause they’re apart of a estrange occult the Freemasons  this is who the u.s tax payers been funding since the freemason George Washington days, nevertheless we just have to eat whatever america and its owned media feeds the world cause they are apart of a imperialism new world hijacking scheme for reason to conquer the world one country at a time “oil”. [Canada News Youtube Media Sources Above]




Keith Ranville