Bubonic plague, michel nostradamus prescribed clean linen, fresh air, lowfat diet, roships to combat this black death a “brass dish” combined may have prevented the bubonic plague? [News]

For many late evening hours  Michel nostradamus would study in a mystic manner during this time aside to michel would be this brass bowl filled with water and herbs [Rosehips?] This holy grail like brass bowl may have helped saved his life from the bubonic plague. Indians would use brass containers to purify water from harmful bacterias, it was more or less a antibacterial agent?

Michel nostradamus may have not known of the full concoction additive to his herbal remedy to fend off the black plague cause his wife and two kids died from the bubonic plague that’s only if he did indeed send herbs back home to his wife & family  to cure them while he was on his healing crusade of the black death? [I know that I would] Michel nostradamus’s personal steeping drinking brass dish was the catalyst to his herbal remedies, he may have prepared the same herbal concoctions for his family and friends but excluding the using of his sacred brass dish.

– Keith Ranville Effect