NHLPA Idle No More to Lockouts

A NHL majority fan base are idling together to boycott NHL games and merchandises and sports action betting has no hockey stats to work with either? NEWS

Its the NHL fans that hold the power, so what this idle no more NHL grassroots boycott protest is about is that to prevent any future NHL lockout strikes it goes like this; for every game that a NHL strike missing so do the the NHL fans protesters do so when the NHL hockey season resumes playing this does seems like some logical demands made by hockey fans. But the pledgers are promising to boycott the first 10 games of the NHL season.

However many NHL fans are so peeved at the NHLPA business part of the game is that they are so turned off to the NHL league is that they either don’t care for hockey anymore or they turned to a alternative sport altogether. Hopefully the bar and grill and pubs restaurants wont feel the pinch from this NHL fan boycott because they were not the bad guys in all this insane NHL lockout strike, they were the NHL lockout victims like there hockey fans patrons were.

I will not be doing any boycotting in going to NHL hockey games cause I am only able to afford to watch hockey night in canada on t.v in the comforts of my home an live like two blocks away from the rogers area in Vancouver, B.C Canada. Go Figure?


Keith Ranville, and a Vancouver Canuck Fan