Is the oak island treasure island haunted you better believe it, it is, people die plain & simple all around you death of family members, friends it-grips-karma-of-death 4 Im cursed to also.

oak island hauted dog pirate

I have regrettable personal woes that I believe that it was contributed from the oak island curse, I for real felt its curse to.. in the late summers day that I stepped foot on oak island the time that when around I had a brief conversation with the part home owner to the treasure isle mr. dan blankenship the chit chat it was concerning the oak island money pit,  way back in 2005. Let’s put it this way the oak island grounds its like a haunted house that later on after you move into it and after you in your mind you feel it is livable and everything is a o.k but later on real bad things happen than all you want to do later is move out or get away from it asap.

The Oak Island Curse part 3

The Oak Island Money Pit deals in death, look to your love ones before you get involved with it.. I have experienced to much losses to care for about treasures.. anymore or for answers. Some things are best to be left alone. I just think the curse got stronger with a more world wild recognition.. I may have to solve the treasure mystery once in for all to put it to rest to rid its curse from the treasure world.


Keith Ranville