Oak Island Cold Case Murder 1965

CSI oak Island; freemasons murders family of treasure hunters in cold blood killed Robert Restall, Bobby, Karl Graeser and Cyril Hiltz August 17 1965  [motive] October 1965 Robert Dunfield obtain lease to oak island and builds a causeway? & does extensive expensive oak island money pit’s excavations within a handful of weeks after the death of the restall treasure hunting family and there hired hand or when they were allegedly found accidentally dead in a shallow pit on oak island? “Dead from poisonous gas? “

Freemasons website; The Oak Island secrets revealed – excerpted from a booklet written by Bro. Laverne Johnson (1914-1999) of Centennial-King George Lodge No. 171, BCR in 1991. They have no Masonic significance and are included here only as an item of interest.

They skipped by the restall family in there chronologies [the oak island secrets revealed] of  the oak island excavations? but the oak island tourism society mentions them extensively proudly before Robert dunfield?  Gained controlled of the treasure island?

I believe the retsall family and hired hand was murdered and thrown down in a shallow pit on oak island, mahone bay by some eager California Las Vegas money moguls to obtain the oak island money pit treasures? There is plenty of motive involved here, a exhume death inquest to the controversial death of the restall family and there hired hand will shed some light on what really went on back in 1965 – Inquiry Cold Case Investigation Reopened.

Oak Island Investigator

Keith Ranville